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A Healthy Way to Manage College Admissions

The college admissions landscape has grown ultra-competitive with parents and students competing for too few seats into the most selective colleges. Thrive College Advisors works with families and students in a strategic and methodical way that removes much of the stress and pressure. We will develop a well- rounded plan that ensures successful admission to your child's selected colleges.

Thanks for stopping by and please read my letter to all parents of college bound students.

Dear Parents of College Bound Students,

As a parent, you hold the key to your child's future. Your child may not know it just yet but as they go to and through college, they will begin adulting and paving their future. Every parent's goal is that their children successfully launch and navigate about the world on their own. All parents wish good health, wealth, and relationships for their children as they navigate this life road laid by bricks that starts with college.

And is college worth it? College graduates are far more employed and earn well over one million more in career earnings over non-college graduates. Also trending is a record number of college applications to college as over 2 million students each year apply to and compete for a limited number of seats at top-choice colleges.  Now, the question that looms large is this: How will you ensure your child's path to college is paved with triumph?

Picture a world where your child thrives, where their dreams take flight, and where their potential knows no bounds. College isn't just a destination; it's the gateway to a lifetime of possibilities---a launching pad for their aspirations, passions, and a brighter tomorrow. So, how will you guide them towards their top-choice college?

The college admissions process can be grueling. Quite common for parents and students alike are feelings of pressure to get into college related to high expectations and everyone asking where they will be going to college, stress related to the time required to apply and the many deadlines that can't be missed and the essays, interviews, and tests.  It is also frustrating as rejection is hard, waiting is hard, the application process is hard. Students commonly experience anxiety related to pressure, waiting, and not knowing if disappointment is around the corner.

Will you settle for mere adequacy, or will you empower your child to soar? Will you let uncertainty and doubt hinder their journey, or will you equip them with the tools and strategies they need to surpass their peers and shine? And wouldn't it be cool if they took some ownership in this? The choice is yours to make.

Securing your child's admission to college is no longer just about good grades and a lengthy list of extracurricular activities. It's about nurturing their unique talents, molding their character, and helping them craft compelling narrative that captivates admissions officers.  It's about unleashing their full potential---the version of themselves that exudes passion, resilience, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. 

So, how will you unlock their brilliance? Will you provide them with enriching experiences, encourage them to engage in impactful community service, or guide them towards forging their own innovative projects? Will you empower their creativity, curiosity, and tenacity to shape a captivating story that demands attention? How about leaning into professionals who understand college admissions and can shine some of this opportunity on your child?

My High School to College Story

As a high school senior I was conflicted about the college I wanted to attend. On my list were two Chicago- area schools of Loyola University and Northwestern University, two Boston-area schools of Boston College, and Babson College and two schools in my home state of Nebraska of Creighton University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After visiting, getting accepted to, and submitting my deposit to Boston College I made the last-minute decision to accept a Leadership and Academic Scholarship to Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  I loved the ideals of Creighton, could be closer to family, and benefited from a more affordable college choice. So glad it worked out.

My path through high school involved getting good grades and graduating with honors, participating in swimming, track, and cross country, serving on student council and was senior class president with the privilege of speaking on stage on my graduation day.

To say I was ready for college is an understatement. I was so excited to adventure out into the world and 100 percent loved my college experience---my friends, teachers, advisors, classes, campus, clubs, internships. And I did learn a valuable lesson. It's more about HOW you go to college wherever you go to college. Like life, it's largely HOW you show up.

I found my spark at college and was fortunate that I did what I did in high school to put me in the position to go to and do college the right way. I channel my personal experience and energy into this challenge and with every student I interact with

How Will You Secure Your Child's College Success?

I understand the immense responsibility that comes with shaping your child's future. Becoming ready to apply to college requires intentional and purposeful steps. We have a variety of programs that will equip them to be successful on their college admissions journey. Our programs are intended to get your child thinking, motivated, and confident about their approach and path to college as they craft their awesome college plan. The goal is that your child will unlock their true potential, unearth their authentic passions, and craft an application that leaves a lasting impact. And for you, the parent, how would it feel to reduce some of your stress and get much needed third-party support from someone in both your corner and your child's corner?

And don't waste time. Be purposeful now. When is the right time to begin college planning? I like to say students have 1,260 days to successful admission to their top-choice college.  This means it starts from 7th grade forward and the earlier the start the higher the probability to get into top colleges in the US. It is most common to engage with a college admissions advisor when the student is: (1) ready or (2) junior year - whichever occurs first. Most common high school sophomores and juniors begin to seek college advising. The earlier, the better, as more time allows a better strategy and approach to what you do to position yourself to get into your top-choice college.

Today, students get in by standing out.  Knowing this, we want to ensure you accelerate and are on path to the best outcome.  It's time to set your child on a trajectory towards college success. How will you empower them to conquer challenges, overcome obstacles, and create a legacy that resonates within the halls of academia?  

The journey to college may seem daunting, but with our programs we simplify the process and give you the keys to help unlock your child's brightest future. 

So, tell me, how will you secure your child's college success? Let's embark on this transformative journey together and pave the future of boundless opportunities. Just contact us now to inquire if we have capacity for advising.

To awesome,

- jason hilliard

Get In. Do College. Thrive.

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